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About PG Management

Manage Your Data Online

Manage your tenants’ data like Rent, Rent History, Personal Data, Room Occupancy, and Availability etc.

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How is it Beneficial ?

  • Reduce your paperwork in maintaining rent receipts and tenants’ documents.
  • Let your tenants notified about their due and upcoming rent via SMS and Email.
  • See, how many tenants’ have been given rent and how many are due.
  • Check room occupancy and availability online anytime, anywhere from your device.
  • Check Rent History and send rent receipt to the tenants automatically.
PG Management

About PG Management

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What Our Clients Say?

“Amazing Software. Have reduced my work pressure a lot. Overall nice experience”

owner @ Siddhi Homebase

“Very Useful Software.
Can save my work online very easily”

Vishnu Reddy
owner @ Imperial pg

“It helped me to reduce my paperwork. I can check anything online now”

Ashish Sharma
Owner @ Sunrise Apartment

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