Manage Your PG Online

PG Management is a Product of Jaipur based Web Development company Prbhanis Technology. PG Management can help you in managing your PG, Apartment, Society, and Tenant’s data online. It is a web-based application and responsive too. You can use it anytime anywhere from any device. Since it’s responsive, you can also install it on your Android and iPhone devices.

Why PG Management?

PG, Apartment, and Society owners who provide their accommodation/s for rent, manage their tenants’ data either in excel or on paper. Which is very difficult to manage when they have so many tenants and multiple accommodations.

PG Management

The ultimate goal of developing PG Management is reducing paperwork and let owners have their tenants’ and accommodation’s updated details with them anytime, anywhere.

In PG Management, owners can store their tenants’ data like their Personal Details, Documents, Rent Details, Rent History, and accommodation details like Room Occupancy, Room Availability, Yearly, and Monthly rent received, etc. Since it is a cloud-based application, users/owners can access it anywhere from their device.

Owners can also see their Yearly and Monthly rent income in a graphical presentation on the dashboard.

What PG Management can do?

  • It can store Tenant’s Personal Details, Documents, Rent, and Rent History.
  • It has the capability of notifing tenants about their due or upcoming rent via SMS and Email on the registered mobile number and email id.
  • It can store Accommodation Details, Floor and Room Details. Hence you can see Room Occupancy and Availability.
  • You can see Yearly and Monthly income in a graphical representation.
  • You can also see recent activities and recently registered tenants on the Dashboard.
  • You can see how many tenants have been paid rent and how many are due.
  • You can see the current month’s total rent received.
  • It can also send Rent receipts to the tenant over email.